SHADOW – The Movie

Posted: August 30, 2010 in info
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Shadow is a short film directed by Srihari Prabaharan. Its a horror – thriller film, based loosely on a short story by Paarijaat, of the same name. The film features Jit and Paarijaat in the lead roles.

The film is about a call centre employee, named Arjun, living in a house with other room mates. He’s home all day and at office all night. His roomies, being IT employees, are at office all day. So Arjun lives a typical lonely life.

Arjun finds a notebook in a shelf in the house.It bears the name of one Krishnan. The notebook is full of sketches, that ranges from magnificent to bizarre.

The bizzare events that happened in the life of Arjun, over the time, makes the film “Shadow”.

  1. Angshu says:

    Saw the teaser trailer in Youtube…its just breath-taking. Waiting for the whole movie to come out ASAP. Could you tell us when can we?

  2. MAINAK says:

    saw the trailer of the film… “SHADOW”…in you tube…n my goose bump….one can consider SHADOW.. a work of art or a piece of trash depends on his/her personal aesthetic, but i think there will b no denying that it’s a complete bizarre and fascinating example of low-budget “auteurism(???)”. N I think the “auteur” in the case isn’t the director but the stars…soumya and parrijat..( am i right soumya ???)

    whatever…I think the trailer depicts that…both the stars of the thriller( specially” the eye candy” soumya ) are armed with their best…n ready to knock your socks prepare to have experience of an ” AN UNCANNY,ANHONNE JOURNEY”…the countdown has began.!!!!!

  3. Harsha says:

    Okay, I just saw this trailer. Judging this short movie from this trailer might be like trying to judge a book by its cover, but from what I saw, this cover is a rather nice one and a glossy one at that. Effects are telling and hoping the movie would be more of the same. Paarijaat (whats up with all the extra A’s dude :?) in that terrace shot looks so much like that guy next door thats its uncanny. And Shomo’s “wet” shot seems right out of some kollywood movie. So there you go… You’ve gone and made us interested… damn you… I can’t wait… Heart says get it out already, but what do I know…

  4. Krishna Singh says:

    awesum … luvd the preview … keep up the good work guys … 🙂

  5. Rajneesh says:

    the movie seems to be interesting……waiting for its release….

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