SHADOW – The Team

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Shadow team comprises of Srihari Prabaharan as the director,vfx supervisor,editor,sound mixing. Jit as the Art Director and Actor, Paarijaat as the Writer and Actor, and Abhishek and Moumita in supporting roles.

COSTANSIN Films is a conglomerate, comprising of Srihari Jit and Paarijaat. All of them are employed in leading IT industries as software engineers. Its while searching for an avenue to let out their pent up creativity, that they met. SHADOW is the second project taken up by them.

SHADOW is unique in a lot of ways. Its a movie made without spending a single dime.It will be rich in Visual Effects Sound Mixing and Editing.Srihari Prabaharan is a trained Visual Effects artist from HollywoodCameraWorks.
The whole story is woven around the house where Jit, Paarijaat and Avishek stay as tenants. The film was shot with Sony xr520v full Hd.  Sony Vegas and after effects were used for post production purposes. Sound for dubbing was recorded mostly in a mobile phone and a Sony handheld voice recorder, otherwise live recording was adopted. All the actors in the movie are software engineers, with no experience whatsoever in film making.

Challenges were countless. The team tried to stand up to all of them, and get the best output possible; with all the shortcomings.

It would only be fitting to thank some people whose enthusiasm helped the team along; Arpitha Rajashekhara, Manish Dash and Ashutosh. They stood by the team during their lows and urged them forwards, and helped in countless ways. Thanks for all your support and faith in the team.

  1. Angshu says:

    Great to see a movie in making with out a single penny spent…Cheers to you guys….i believe talents always speak…and here it is shouting..:P. Eagerly waiting for the end of September….

  2. Chaithanya says:

    I saw the trailer .. It’s amazing in many things like special effects, sound, camera etc … Cheers to the whole Shadow team .. eagerly waiting for the movie release .. Wish you All the Best!!!

  3. Krishna Singh says:

    … it was amazing !!! the trailer had such a mystic feel to it that I am sure that it will turn out 2 b sumthing pretty huge … nice 2 c that Soumya da’s exploring yet another of his talents … Cheers !!!

  4. Adi says:

    i thoroughly enjoyed the vdo’s posted on the net … must say Hari has assembled a truly talented team … Pari n Soumya are just amazing .. i have high hopes for SHADOW … congratulations guys , big things are about 2 come your way … All d Best !!!

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