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SHADOW-From Software Professionals

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am a Software engineer, infact a hardcore programmer.I have a lot of dreams to execute in my life(Sorry for technical terms like execute,compile,run etc., Its a part of a software engineer’s life).One of my dream is to become a Software architect,which i will become one soon.And another is to be a filmmaker.

One of the best things about the job of Software Architect is that you get to design a lot.And there are a lot of well known design patterns that are there.One of the famous book that i used to refer for my design is  by Gang of Four( is a famous rule or a design principle from the GOF book

“Always program to an interface,not an implementation”

For those who do not know what is an interface see the link( Interface is nothing but a contract,set of rules that are laid out and the one who implements has to just follow those rules and put his own logic in.

I know its technical…Don’t worry it is going to get too technical 🙂

So one day i got a dream where two of my dreams(becoming a Software architect and a filmmaker) mixed up.So you may ask what is the output of the dream? Ya…output :)… The output was an idea to make a film based on a design principle.The output was to make a film in such a way that at the end of the movie each audience will have their own version of the story…


interface Shadow{

public String getStory();


class Viewer1 implements Shadow{
public String getStory(){
//His own logic of the story


class Viewer2 implements Shadow{
public String getStory(){
//His own logic of the story


Here it goes we have made an interface/movie named Shadow.And you have to implement/see it to get the output.
I dont know what is the output, it may be erroneous but you still have to run it to see the output…

For those who did not understand a thing that i have written above… here’s the thing
1)First time you watch the movie.You will be taken to a thrill ride but at the end of it you will be confused.
2)Second time you see it,your confusion will be reduced a little
3)Third time you see it,your confusion will increase. 🙂

It will be out on friday…Its a different attempt.It will be abstract,random,confusing.. And if you get the same feeling after seeing the movie,that’s what we made it for… 🙂
Cheerios and need your support for the same…..