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Posted: September 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am a Software engineer, infact a hardcore programmer.I have a lot of dreams to execute in my life(Sorry for technical terms like execute,compile,run etc., Its a part of a software engineer’s life).One of my dream is to become a Software architect,which i will become one soon.And another is to be a filmmaker.

One of the best things about the job of Software Architect is that you get to design a lot.And there are a lot of well known design patterns that are there.One of the famous book that i used to refer for my design is  by Gang of Four( is a famous rule or a design principle from the GOF book

“Always program to an interface,not an implementation”

For those who do not know what is an interface see the link( Interface is nothing but a contract,set of rules that are laid out and the one who implements has to just follow those rules and put his own logic in.

I know its technical…Don’t worry it is going to get too technical 🙂

So one day i got a dream where two of my dreams(becoming a Software architect and a filmmaker) mixed up.So you may ask what is the output of the dream? Ya…output :)… The output was an idea to make a film based on a design principle.The output was to make a film in such a way that at the end of the movie each audience will have their own version of the story…


interface Shadow{

public String getStory();


class Viewer1 implements Shadow{
public String getStory(){
//His own logic of the story


class Viewer2 implements Shadow{
public String getStory(){
//His own logic of the story


Here it goes we have made an interface/movie named Shadow.And you have to implement/see it to get the output.
I dont know what is the output, it may be erroneous but you still have to run it to see the output…

For those who did not understand a thing that i have written above… here’s the thing
1)First time you watch the movie.You will be taken to a thrill ride but at the end of it you will be confused.
2)Second time you see it,your confusion will be reduced a little
3)Third time you see it,your confusion will increase. 🙂

It will be out on friday…Its a different attempt.It will be abstract,random,confusing.. And if you get the same feeling after seeing the movie,that’s what we made it for… 🙂
Cheerios and need your support for the same…..

  1. Shrihari says:

    All the very best 🙂 Looking forward to the film !! I always love films that let us have our own version of it !!

  2. ram says:

    yeah go ahead and upload in youtube and share in twitter and facebook. release your first movie online.

    there are many japnese directors who release only online. all we need to do is share it….. pass on and u rock on…….

  3. Swaminathan says:

    please upload the interface asap.

  4. Rajesh says:

    Final twist was outstanding….! Excellent camera work, looking forward for the entire movie. All the best Shadow Team.

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