1. Tajir says:

    Supperb camera work, spclly liked the under-chin static motion effect. Immensely difficult shot. Full points to the cameraman and director. Looking forward to full movie.

  2. kausik bhattacharya says:

    this is too good folks….

  3. Agniswar says:

    Waiting eagerly for this one ….trailer depicts nice work …thumbs up so far … best wishes for the whole team and specially to my old frnd Parijat !! 🙂

  4. Adi says:

    the trailer is just mind boggling … I hav 2 congratulate Hari … I am sumwhat familiar with his work now , and I must say I find it terrific !!! … am sooo looking fwd to this being released … gd luck to the entire team …

  5. Tilottama says:


    • Tilottama says:


  6. Indranil says:

    vry nice trailer…..waitin to watch it… work is fine…….

  7. Jolly says:

    Hmm it seems its gonna be a gr8 work…All the best Pari…And all the best to your team…Looking forward to see the whole movie soon…keep it up guys…U guys gonna Rock for sure \m/

  8. Jolly says:

    This is just for following up with comments and updates 🙂

  9. shivaramakrishna sangoju says:

    Wonderful guys..
    i like the music…and takes …
    but trailer is too small….

  10. 4PD says:

    The Trailer was interesting. Great Camera work I must say coz it made Parijat the plum look skinny 🙂
    Well I echo the same lines, looking forward to see the complete movie 🙂

  11. lakshmi says:

    Acting is gud… Suspense in every scene of the trailer makes me eagerly to watch the movie… 🙂

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