The movie is available with the following resolutions:240p(for mobile phones),360p,480p and 720p HD.Pls choose the resolution based on your internet speed.

  1. Souvik Chaudhuri says:

    Kudos to the team for the Movie – ‘SHADOW’. Get to see a dazzling combination of acting, Camera work and VFX. Specially the VFX is splendid and truly professional. The sound used in the movie is apt with every sequence. I like to see more from this team in future. Great going guys!!! Keep it up !!!!!

  2. kausik bhattacharya says:

    This is different!! I liked the uninhibited style of filming “SHADOW”. It is visually stunning. This one deserves double “WELL DONE” considering the rookies on the block. All the best to the entire team of “SHADOW”. 4/5 from me.

  3. Chandra Mohan says:

    It a very neat short film, the concept is very good. I especially love the way it ended with a question mark. Any film that plays with human logic and reasoning and makes u end up piqued will always guarantee success. Well done am very sure u will get better as u practice more. Love the VFX and Pari and Jit did a gud job acting it as best as it could. Proud of wat u did Sri. Congrats.

  4. Swaminathan says:

    First of all three cheers to the team..!!! i would term the short flim as a ‘black hole’.. bcoz nobody knows how to conceive it, how its time framed and where it will lead to….!! Its really an astounding and out of the box. Keep it up…

  5. Kaushiki Paul says:

    Nice one…………

  6. Tilottama says:


  7. Jolly says:

    HATS OFF guys…Really a nice short horror movie….Gr8 sound effect…gr8 performance….gr8 direction, editing, cinematography….but art direction could have been better….thumps up!! Waiting for more such work from u guys….Cheers!!!

  8. Sayantani Basu says:

    Great work guys!! Your work looks almost professional. Direction is awesome. Keep up the good work!!

  9. Abhi says:

    Wow! Awesome performance by each n everyone in the team… A big congrats to them…
    Hari has packed the movie with gud story, excellent direction, admirable cast, great performance and really a mysterious ending…

    Expecting another unexpected attempt from the team.
    Keep Rocking guys!!!

  10. Shreyash Agarwal says:

    Nice work guys. The camerawork was innovative in most places, albeit a bit odd in some( one of the shots being the where u capture the BIG TV dish, somehow that consumerism thing in an otherwise engrossing short was a bit digressive for me).
    Soumya’s sketches have gotten way better than the few I’d seen in college, keep it up buddy!
    I also like the print a lot, being grainy in some places, and intelligent use of colors throughout.
    Parijat, do see a short Spanish language film, Vana Espuma(Idle Mist). You will get ideas from it, I’m sure. It’s a must see for any aspiring moviemaker.
    Also, the soundtrack really keeps u hooked on.
    The end was a bit anticlimactic for me, but kudos to you as this is your first effort.

    My 2 cents…

  11. shan says:

    sooper machi.. the title was an apt one first, the second best for me was the RR which hooked the narration, i loved the tight focus shots in the camera work.. i think those shots augments the base story line.. overall its technically sound..

    best wishes to the team, looking forward from all of you..

  12. sumauli says:

    A great work guys….cinematography, camera, music, editing, location…..everything just rocks…….a very diabolical movie….keep on doing such excellent work..hope for two hour movie next time……


  13. Murali says:

    Great Attempt!!!

    Hari is getting professional day by day…

  14. Soorya says:

    Hey… Great concept man. Cool sound effects 🙂
    Looking forward to your future endeavours.

  15. Bhuvana says:

    ‘SHADOW’ movie was very good…Hari, you are the next night shyamalan, seriously!

    The effects were really great. Conveying a msg in 15 mins is really hard and the movie really did that…keep up the,m good work!!! kudos to the team…you guys rock!

  16. Pratik says:

    good one…shirhari did an amazing job….the shot and direction seemed very innovative…….your acting was also good……… is that moumita(i mean from my college)?

  17. amartya says:

    it ws awsme. . . . . i nvr thought f such movies evr it’s ut of mind. . . . the mst fasinating point ws the last scene. . . it ws jst mind blowing. . . the twist i nevr thught of it

  18. Ritam says:

    Nice camera work, nice graphics, interesting ending…though recording should have been better. But I know u r a new team so u’ll learn these things in future. Proud of my friends… all of u tried ur best and looking good on screen.

  19. San C says:

    Incredible.. Wonderful movie.. yet again proved “U r a master in VFX and sound effects”. Good direction for a debut movie.
    Good crew – Everyone complimented each other, actors just delivered what is needed. Good work guys.

    Some suggestions , use also natural lighting,sometimes it makes a feel that whole movie is in high contrast mode and leaves a gap between audience and players.Need to add some more flesh for a complete movie. Climax twist was neat and good..

    Use all adjectives and superlatives to greet you on this movie. We can see all the hard work put on this.

    Movie is somewhere near to flawless, and there you guys already won.
    Time to move forward.

  20. Madan says:

    Wonderful movie.. First thing is the Story.. it is very powerful.. and the screen play has made it even more powerful.. Direction, sound, effects, art, camera are professional.. recording could have been better..

    Nothing in the movie reveals that it is the first production from this house.. Congrats to the team..

  21. Devika Ramachandran says:

    Wonderful movie….nice climax…Keep up the good work …. don’t stop following your dreams…Proud to be your friend…..

  22. Indranil Dutta says:

    Nice ideas..Fine camera work to say once again..Also very well acted out !!

  23. syambabu says:

    Really good anna….keep rocking.

  24. Suraj says:

    Very good technical piece of work. Could have been slicker on the editing, acting and sound. Very good foundation to start of with!!!!!!

  25. arpitha rajashekara says:

    “Fantastic piece of work” n neatly executed……..excellent sound effects n i luvd the rain droplets!!!

    ‘U have got a style’… way u can deny it hari

    I am really proud to have been a part of this movie..Let your future endeavors be something big like ‘Prison Break’ or a fullfledged movie!!!!
    I wud be more than happy to contribute….

    eventhough i dint contribute much to the movie, yet u people have not forgotten to mentioned my name…..i am truly touched…

  26. srivatsan says:



  27. Jayanth says:

    U guys have rocked once again!!…………….Really great job!!………….screenplay and camera work were really awesome.

  28. MP says:

    Hari.. Truly amazing work 🙂 Keep it going…. All the best for the future 🙂 ….

  29. manivannan says:

    Greatttttttttttttttttttt work…. really awesome……..Its really an Outstanding and out of the box. Keep it up… Screenplay and effects are mindblowing ….
    Keep Rocking 🙂

  30. Agniswar says:

    Aweeeeeesome……………….speechless………..u guys have done a real good job !! KUDOS GUYS !!

  31. Raghav says:

    Was an excellent show. Was not boring even for a minute and screenplay had the grip. I liked it. Assuming I am allowed to say this, am saying it loud here.
    Not sure if there are cab drops with white board. Initially there was a scene where Krishnan gets down from the cab, signing his whatever form that is.
    But the cab is a santro and a white board. Could have avoided that. May be there are some cabbies who send their private cars. But could have avoided that anyways. Raises some doubts in the viewer’s mind. Hope I did not offend anyone here. Bye. It was nice watching again. Hoping a better one from ‘The Door.’

  32. sreetama says:

    awesome re…kintu morli ki kore?? seta bujhlam na….

  33. Rathish says:

    Actually what are you trying to say make the script and shots clear dont give importance to title effects and music,and what do you mean by your title.

    Rathish G

    • shadowmovie says:

      I am not trying to say any message through the film. Shadow, a short film is a new attempt at film making and story telling. The audience is given the loose pieces of a puzzle, and the threads to tie them with. The lonely life of a BPO guy, and the changes it meets, is the backbone of the movie. Depending on the individuality of each audience, newer shapes emerge, newer stories are formed, as everyone interprets it in ways different than all others. Its an attempt to draw in the audience as active participants in the formation of the plot, rather than mere spectators. Its abstract dont use the same stick to measure this movie with others…. and read the blogs if you want to understand the movie better…..

  34. Sathish RV says:

    Great job guys…. Nice theme and wonderful RR…. Not to mention abt VFX… My few points:
    1. You should have used a “yellow board” tourist cab instead of the santro with white board which does not look like a BPO cab at all…
    2. There is a timing miss at 8:08.. The guy shud have been there on the stairs when camera reaches there.
    3. The women’s footwear on the stairs and the drawing of a crucification add more to the already puzzling plot… Nice ones..
    4. I liked the way he keeps climbing down the stairs @ 10:30 and yet stays on the same floor. 🙂
    5. But what I noticed in this sequence was that the first and third time, the stairs has no objects but 2nd & last time, there are some papers etc on the stairs. Was it intentional or a flaw?
    6. There is also continuity miss at 1:20 & 11:00. The lead character is wearing a light brown shorts @ 1:20 & a much darker one @ 11:00.

    On the whole it was brilliant effort. I would like to know ur explanation for Point 5.

    • shadowmovie says:

      Hi Sathish, thanks for d interest u took in dis movie. It was our first attempt at movie making, and indeed there were some flaws, as in the timing miss at 8:08, where, as correctly pointed out by you, d guy should’ve been on the stairs. Hope we get better as we progress. 🙂
      The cab was something we had to settle for, as this was a 0 INR investment movie. We put to use Srihari’s own car and prayed people would not give much thought to that one.
      “There is also continuity miss at 1:20 & 11:00. The lead character is wearing a light brown shorts @ 1:20 & a much darker one @ 11:00” – Actually, there was a 4 month gap in shooting, between the first shot and the 2nd, due to several personal issues that kept cropping up inadvertently. So the dresses that you see, which had undergone quite some use in those months, lost their sheen. Hence the colour difference.. 😀
      And about the landing, there are 5 landings on the way down to ground floor from the terrace, in the house that we shot in. The papers were littered on one landing. The raid cuts doesn’t much reveal the difference between the 2 landings, causing the confusion.

      Once again, thanks so much for taking your time out to see our movie, and accepting it with all its flaws and its little accomplishments. Hope we can hear more from you as we venture forward.

      PS: Here’s a link for our upcoming movie “THE DOOR”, all set to release in late April or early May. Do let us know what you think of that!

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